Hot Camshaft are on the right track to become one of the most desirable bands in the near future. The expectations are met, because the five guys from Lüneburg, Nienburg Hävern, Kampsheide and Binnen (all Germany) are working accordingly hard. Hot Camshaft are delivering the fist to the ear canal. Good arranged song material that provide the hooks and bring it to the point. The powertrip from hard grooving guitars, almost incredibly expressive vocals, a deep pumping bass and thunderous drums. The basis for a pure rock n roll delight.

When the new Hot Camshaft album was announced several months ago, you could globally record sweaty hands, and the ever-alert insider already got the downloads of the first three demo productions on the MySpace page of the band. Now it is finally coming soon and it's going to rock - with boundless energy and unbroken will to rock n roll.

For the upcoming album the band has taken a lot of time. "We definitely wanted to have some time to be into normal social life and to let the songs come easy," says Andy. "I think it was very good that we took the time. We have a good feeling for the material and do not want to run the risk to take three good songs and seven fillers". Certainly Hot Camshaft can get the status as one of the most popular rock bands in the presence with this material and you can enjoy that fact to the fullest. And they would have also earned it hard, because the powerful "On-the-12-sound" is on top of the fist to the ear canal. Lots of hooks, brought to the point and tight arranged songs.

There is a balance between simple hard breakers and more complex songs. From the songwriting with its powerful sound and the ambitious lyrics, the band creates a vitality to the day, which is almost physically palpable. Here the indications were certain that a rough diamond makes its' way. "If we have learned anything in the last few years, then this: No matter what you do, someone always gets upset anyway you can never please everyone You just have to stand 100 percent behind what you are doing..."

But now Rock n Roll is not the same as all things specified with Rock n Roll! After all, the five musicians (Oliver, Andy, Einar, Jörg and Maico) are not only masters of their instruments. They are rocking with corresponding stage experience like a thunderstorm that puts the fear in their heroes. Hot Camshaft know how to give powerful gas at the concerts. A unique bundle of energy. Before international sizes they need truly nothing to hide. With their band name, a rough translation meaning "hot camshaft" is the band also equal the motto of the coming months before: full throttle!

A powertrip with a mix of heavy guitars, alternative and the sense of groove. In summary: All these songs are already absolutely outrageous. Firecrackers. Hits.

There is life on other exploits. And that life begins at this moment in any CD player or Music-Software, an interested listener, whether journalist, concert promoter or supporter, plays the songs for the first time they unfold in all its glory. The fast and furious stage show and especially the stunning stage presence of vocalist Oliver unparalleled. Due to their explosive live power especially the festival organizers love this band.

The five boys have just a very good understanding of what they're doing. An absolutely top quality rough diamond. Besides, it also sometimes takes the boys into acting. They can be seen in supporting roles in the third part of the Low German cinema space spectacle "De Apparatspott".